Link Swanson philosopher + technologist + scientist

Who am I?

I am a trained philosopher, a career technologist, and a budding scientist. I study human perception and cognition using rigorous analytical and empirical methods from cognitive science, philosophy, and phenomenology. I enjoy scholarly research, academic writing, and coding. I live in rural Minnesota.

Upcoming Talks

Stand Up Science with Shane Mauss May 16, 2020

Perception and context in the (psychedelic) mind
Sisyphus Brewing
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology December, 2020

Unity constraints explain context effects and psychedelic effects in visual perception
The Brown Hotel
Louisville, Kentucky, USA

The Science of Consciousness December 14, 2020

Making sense of hallucination: degrees of veridicality in perceptual experience
Loews Ventana Canyon Resort
Tucson, Arizona, USA